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Military - USMC
May 1942
Marine personnel came to the Navajo Methodist Mission School in Farmington, NM to recruit Navajo boys. I wanted to volunteer, but I was told I was too young. I was sixteen years old. My older brother Samuel was able to join, so he went ahead of me.
March 1943
On April 18th, 1943, I turned 17. My father, though reluctantly, gave me permission to enlist. Many of us left with the Marine recruiters on buses. They took us to Santa Fe for processing and then put on a train to San Diego.
March-June 1943
Boot Camp at San Diego.
July - Dec 1943
Camp Pendleton for radio communication training.
August 1944
Camp Tarawa, Hawaii
January 1945
Embarked on a Pacific Island-hopping campaign.
February 19, 1945
March 1945
Left Iwo Jima, returned to Camp Tarawa, Hawaii.
June 1945
Boarded ship again. After a month and a half of island-hopping, we soon learned that our next destination was the invasion of Japan.
August 1945
"We were heading to the southern part of Japan when we heard the atomic bomb was dropped the first time and then a second time. Next, we heard the Japanese surrendered."
August 1945
Continued to Japan. Part of the occupation force for six months.
March 1946
Discharged from service.